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42nd Danish NMR meeting January 18, 2021


Monday Januar 18 2021

13h00 - 13h10

Introduction and welcome

Frans Mulder (AU)

13h10 - 13h30

Subtle yet lethal: the calmodulin N53I variant

Reinhard Wimmer (AAU)

13h30 - 13h50

Unravelling the Properties of Magnetic M(II)Al4 Layered Double Hydroxides using Solid-State NMR and Other Techniques

Anders B. A. Andersen (SDU)

13h50 - 14h10

Increased protein dynamics in a stabilized double mutant of CI2

Yulian Gavrilov (UCPH)

14h10 - 14h30

Is Graphene Oxide a future attractive alignment media in structural studies of small organic molecules?

Katja Desiree Pedersen (DTU)

14h30 - 14h40


14h40 - 14h50

Status from DanNMR

Birthe B. Kragelund (UCPH)

14h50 - 15h00

Best NMR paper prize 2020

Pernille Rose Jensen (DTU)

15h00 - 15h20

In memory of Jens Jørgen Led

Flemming Hansen (UCL)

15h20 - 15h40

Structural characterization of calcium aluminate hydroxides with different intercalated anions by solid-state NMR

Shuai Nie (AU)

15h40 - 16h00

Interpreting the binding events of highly charged intrinsically disordered proteins

Estella Newcombe (UCPH)

16h00 - 16h05

Farewell and see you next year

Jørgen Skibsted (AU)


The 42nd Danish NMR meeting will be held online on Monday January 18th 2021.

Pease sign up for the event through this link:

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