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41st Danish NMR meeting January 20th-21st, 2020


Oral presentations will be of different durations. Presentations should be in English and posters should be printed in portrait, A0-size. 



Monday Januar 20th 2020

12-13               Welcome Lunch

13-14.30          Metabolomics (session chaired by Dr. Christian Clement Yde)

13-13.45          Dr. Bénédicte Elena-Herrmann, University Grenoble Alpes
                         NMR Metabolic Fingerprints in Functional and Medical Biology

13.50-14.05     Dr. Frans Mulder, Aarhus University
                         Fast and Quantitative NMR mixture analysis with co-solvent PRE

14.15-15.15      Poster and Vendor pitches (session chaired by Professor Birthe B. Kragelund)

15.15-16.15     Poster session and coffee

16.15-17.45     Small molecule NMR (session chaired by Professor Reinhard Wimmer)

16.15-17.00     Professor Timothy Claridge, University of Oxford
                         NMR super sequences for small molecule structure elucidation

17.05-17.20     PhD student Nikolaj Sten Troelsen, Technical University of Denmark
                        The 3F library: Fluorinated C(sp3)-rich fragments for expeditious 19F NMR based screening

17.25-17.40     Professor Poul Erik Hansen, Roskilde University
                         Structure elucidation of medium size molecules made simple

17.50-19.15     Parallel workshops (for details see below)

                        - Small molecule NMR - The Do's and Dont's within the area (Professor Timothy Claridge, University of Oxford)
                        - NMR in metabolomics (Dr. Bénédicte Elena-Herrmann, University Grenoble Alpes)
                        - Solid-state NMR (Professor Thomas Vosegaard, Aarhus University)

19.30               Dinner, dance and discussions

Tuesday January 21st 2020

7.30-9.15          Breakfast

8.15-9.15          DANNMR meeting with Bruker

9.15-9.30          Group photo

9.30-10.45        Solid state NMR (session chaired by Assoc. Prof. Jørgen Skibsted)

9.30-9.45          Professor Ulla Gro Nielsen, University of Southern Denmark
                         Phosphate recovery from wasterwater by layered double hydroxides as seen from NMR and other techniques

9.50-10.05        Professor Juha Vaara, University of Oulu
                         ”Small” effects in NMR - Two examples of theory rationalising experimental findings

10.10-10.25      PhD student Sheng-Yu Yang, Aarhus University
                         Sodium and tetrahedral aluminium in cementitious calcium-aluminate-silicate hydrate phases (C-A-S-H)

10.30-10.45      Dr. Shuai Nie, Aarhus University
                         Mg substitution in CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 glasses studied by 27Al and 29Si MAS NMR

10.45-11.15      Coffee break

11.15-12.50      Bio NMR (session chaired by Assoc. Prof. Anders Malmendal)

11.15-11.30       Dr. Christian Kjeldsen, Technical University of Denmark
                          dDNP NMR of transglycosylative abilities of beta-galactosidase

11.35-11.50        PhD student Chengxin Li, Technical University of Denmark
                          Structural, biosynthetic and serological reactive elucidation of capsular polysaccharides from Streptococcus                              pneumoniae

11.55-12.10      Dr. Kristine Steen Jensen, Lund University
                          Revealing well-defined soluble states during amyloid fibril formation by multilinear analysis of NMR diffusion                              data

12.15-12.30      PhD student Malene Selch Sønnichsen, Aarhus University
                          Human Serum Albumin Interaction Study by NMR

12.35-12.50       NMR Laboratory Manager Dennis Juhl, Aarhus University
                          The sources of sample heating during NMR experiments

13.00-14.00      Goodbye Lunch

14.00-15.30       Bruker Users Meeting


This year we will as something new run three parallel workshop sessions of 90 min. duration, with an educational character where Do´s and Don´ts, questions and discussions are in focus. The workshop topics are chosen to cover different participant interests.

Dr. Bénédicte Elena-Hermann from University of Lyon is invited to speak about her research in metabolomics and she will educate in workshop 1 about metabolite identification, quantification and multivariate data analysis.

Professor Timothy Claridge from university of Oxford is invited to speak about his research within small molecule structure elucidation, screening and to educate in workshop 2 about designing and combining NMR experiments to obtain 3D structures of small molecules and screening.

Workshop 3 will be dedicated to solid state NMR techniques where the experimental capabilities (present and future), outreach and current projects are informally discussed with Professor Thomas Vosegaard.

We ask all participants to sign up for one of the workshops at the Danish NMR meeting. A sign-in list will be available in the conference hall. Please consider your own research and prepare questions to be discussed within the topic of the workshop that you will attend in advance of the meeting.


Contact infomation



How to get there

Comwell Klareskovgaard

Korsør Lystskov 30 · 4220 Korsør

+45 72 16 20 00



Public transportation:

From Copenhagen central station, take the train to Korsør. From Korsør station you may take a taxi or we may aid in facilitating transportation.     







The 41th Danish NMR meeting will be held at Comwell Klarskovgaard in Korsør on Monday January 20th and Tuesday January 21st 2020.

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