Posters 2018

39th Danish NMR meeting January 29-30, 2018




Posters presented by M.Sc. and Ph.D. students will be considered for the poster prize. Those are marked with * after the name of the presenter.



1. Kirsten Gade Malmos 31P QNMR to Quantify Phospholipids from Complex Samples

2. Tina Mittag Application of NMR in CMC Development at Novo Nordisk

3. Anders Bruhn Arndal Andersen* Assignment of solid state NMR spectra of paramagnetic M(acac)x complexes assisted by computational methods

4. Malene Selch Sønnichsen* Development of an NMR Based Platform for Screening Pocket Specific Interactions with Human Serum Albumin

5. Anne Lindstrøm Hansen* Faststof-NMR analyse af funktionelle amyloide fibriller

6. Klaus R. Westphal* Fugramin, A Novel Non-Ribosomal Peptide in Fusarium graminearum

7. Eva Madland* Highlighting sugars to understand their interplay with proteins

8. Jacob Søgaard* Optimal control design of NMR pulses using a truncated basis

9. Mehrban Ashiq* Para-Anisidine Sulfonamides: Synthesis, NMR Characterization and Crystal Structure

10. Andreas Prestel PCNA and its function as a cellular hub to orchestrate DNA replication and repair

11. Gaston Courtade* Structure and dynamics of a multi-modular lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase

12. Lasse Staby* Structure of Radical-Induced Cell Death1 hub domain reveals a common αα-scaffold for disorder in transcriptional networks

13. Jakob Toudahl Nielsen The Chemical Shift Z-score for assessing Order and Disorder in Proteins

14. Edith Buchinger UNG2 and its ligations partners during replication

15. Pernille Seiffert* Using disorder to obtain cellular order - The role of protein intrinsic disorder in non-receptor tyrosine kinases and their interactions with single-pass transmembrane receptors

16. Daniel Szunyogh Towards applications of β-NMR in bioinorganic chemistry

17. Johanne Plesner* A 1H NMR fermentation study: Monoculture metabolism of yoghurt bacteria

18. Joachim M. Vinther Low RF-field strength cross polarization combined with photo-induced non-persistent radicals for clinically applicable dDNP

19. Enrico Corlianó* HCA(CO)N as a method to measure fast hydrogen exchange rates




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